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How to Play
The power hour is a game focused on music and drinks.
The Original

The original Power Hour is a sixy minute event where a different song plays each minute. When the song changes, the players take a drink or a shot of beer. In general, a properly played power hour consists of sixty 45mL shots of a beer. After an hour the players should have drank 7.5 cans of beer. It's a great party game. We want to give you the tool here to create or join the best Power Hours.

The Power Hour Project

The Power Hour Project offers the ability to use YouTube or Spotify to stream your playlist. You can set how long each song plays and how many songs play (traditionally, this would be 60 songs for 60 seconds each). The Power Hour Project gives the ability to choose some different settings/features to enjoy an amazing Power Hour. Try a Quick Power Hour now! Registering with us gives access to a tool to build a playlist with YouTube videos, host power hour parties, level up, and submit your own power hours to our public list. You can customize the time within each song to play its best 60 seconds when it begins playing. If you play a song only for 60 seconds, you probably want the best 60 seconds. Give it a try! Join the Discord for more Power Hour friends, join parties, and report errors! The more feedback we can get, the better web application we can create.

Plays, Finishes, and Drinks!

Power Hours created through the Power Hour Project track the number of times people play the hour, how many times people finish the hour, and how many times people drink during the hour. While playing a Power Hour created through the Power Hour Project, click on the "CHEERS" button to record your drink! The public library of Power Hours are categorized by number of plays, finishes, drinks, and generes! Browse our user created Power Hours now!

The Power Hour Project Parties

Play with your friends online! We have parties you can HOST or you can JOIN. You MUST have an account with us to host parties!


In order to host, all you have to do is start a Power Hour either through a Quick Power Hour or through the Power Hours you have created on your Dashboard. During the Power Hour setup, make sure to select YES when asked "Allow other people to join your Power Hour? (Enable Party)". We will pull your account stuff (make sure you have a username!). Fill out the rest of your settings and get started!

Invite your friends to your Power Hour by either giving them the room code or clicking the invite icon and sharing the link. If you give them the code, they can enter it when clicking on "Join a Power Hour Party" on the front page.


In order to join a Power Hour Party, you need either the party code from the host or the party link. With the code, enter it by clicking on "Join a Power Hour Party" on the front page of this website and hitting enter.

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